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Who are Marquee Fulfilment?

We are a fulfilment company with 2 UK based fulfillment warehouses where we store and ship items sold online via various online platforms. One warehouse is located in London, Orpington and the other fulfilment warehouse is based on the south coast in Hampshire.

Marquee Fulfilment have been in business for 5 years and specialise primarily in the vinyl record fulfilment. We look after inventories and provide the fulfilment services for online sellers and labels selling on Discogs, Bandcamp, Amazon, Ebay and Shopify.

In addition, our in-house bespoke software API integration allows us to access the ecommerce platforms mentioned above and enables us to extract sales and order information which our expert in-house team then pick and park and mark as shipped including tracking numbers.

We also have a contract for discogs merchandise fulfilment. This would be anything from T-shirts, turntable slipmats to tote bags. So it’s not just vinyl records we can fulfil for you as we’re capable of fulfilling any products sold online.

Why choose Marquee Fulfilment?

We’re are a small sized business with a current team of 10 providing a close, direct and personal service. Therefore, you won’t be bombarded with a series of options to choose from when you call as you’ll get a real human being ready and able to take your call and to understand and solve your fulfilment issues.

In conclusion, that’s a bit about us and we welcome you to view our testimonials so you can see what our existing customers say about the services Marquee Fulfilment provide.

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